Monday, May 26, 2008

Feministing: Fuck You, Perverts!

Every Friday, the amazing women at post a "Fuck You" to any anti-feminist assholes who deserve it.

This one by Feministing-founder Jessica Valenti is about public perverts, like those who skeezily ask girls out more for a power trip than for an actual personal connection.

FYI, the first time I ever saw a penis, I was in third grade on the DART train with my family. We were on the way to the aquarium when I turned around and saw a man slowly rubbing his exposed penis and staring at me. I was so shocked and scared that I only told my mother after he got off the train. Outrageous.

Look, I know this behavior only exists in a tiny fraction of men. But when we live in a world where women are judged by their breast-size first and their intellect last, we create a culture that includes men like this. Perverts are not an anomaly - they're a symptom.

So help us fix the problem.

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Katie Z. said...

My mom and I were just talking about the breasts vs. intellect issue the other day. I just moved out to L.A. and I've been shocked by how small everyone is out here. My mom said, "Yes, but men love you because you have big boobs." I said, "No, they want me because I have big boobs. They stop wanting me when they find out I also have a big brain."